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Islam Religion Guardian, is on-line leading Islam news website. Our strong support for all religions, especially Islam, is the reason we strive to share content that is relevant to all of our visitors, to inform and educate, to offer guidance to Muslim and would-be Muslim, we do this by providing readable and appropriate content with a competent, knowledgeable and information driven team; who are authorities at various capacities, by putting forward strong and scientific arguments "from the Al-Qur'an and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad" (SAW) without abandon the truth by providing balanced information with the aims to introduce the beauty of Islam to Non-Muslim and increase the knowledge of Muslim.

This site is designed to bring together Islamic latest news around the globe, articles, Hadith collection, " in one place. This will give Muslims (and non-Muslims) a much needed source of information that will help to improve their faith and gives them more understanding about their religion.

The content and photos used on the site remain the copyright of the original owners, and permission must be sought from them before using them for any purpose. Articles has been gathered using various means and links have been provided. Videos were received from YouTube. You can use the content of the site if it has clear links to individual pages.

Our vision is to  enlighten and educate Muslim and Non-Muslim, intellectual and spiritual struggle to build a better world.

Our mission is to help provide people with global Islamic latest news, article to guide people with their religion, to welcome would-be Muslim to the religion of peace and to fight against the misconception of people about Islam.

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