6 Benefits Of Marriage in Islam

Most six benefits of marriage in Islam

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Benefits of Marriage: The Holy Quran says:

'And marry those who are single among you, and those who suitable among your male slaves and your slave women; If they need, Allah will make them free from desire out of His grace; And Allah is the Supplement, Knowledge' (Suratul-A-Noor, Al-Quran 24:32)

The above verse begins with the words Wa Ankehoo (And marry ...). The obligatory form of the word "nikah" implies that it is either mandatory or highly recommended.1 According to scientists, although marriage is a highly recommended act, it becomes mandatory when there is a chance of falling into sin.

The Prophet (SAW) says: "No house was built in Islam more beloved in the sight of Allah than through marriage."

In another hadith, the Prophet (SAW) said:

"The best people of my nation (Ummat) are those who marry and chose their wives, and the worst people of my nation are those who stayed away from marriage and ensure their lives as bachelors."
Imam Ali (AS) exhorts: "Marry because marriage is the tradition of the Prophet (SAW)". The Prophet (SAW) also said: "Anyone who likes to follow my tradition, then he must know that marriage is from my tradition."

1. Marriage increases the value of prayers

The Prophet (SAW) said: "The two rak'ats (cycles) that are prayed by a married man are better than the evening vigil and peace of one person."
The woman came to the Prophet (SAW) and said that she was trying to attract her husband, but in vain; He does not leave his meditation to pay attention to it.

6 Benefits Of Marriage in IslamThe Prophet (SAA) told her to inform her husband of the rewarding of sexual intercourse, which he described as follows: "When a person approaches his wife, he is guarded by two angels and [at this moment by the views of Allah] he as a Warrior fights for the cause of Allah. When he communicates with her, his sins fall like the leaves of a tree [in the autumn season]. When he performs the main ablution, he is cleansed of his sins. "

2. Unlawfulness and monasticism are prohibited

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Islam is totally against monasticism and celibacy. "Usman bin Mazun was a close companion of the Prophet (SAW). One day his wife approached the Prophet (SAW) and complained: "O Messenger of God (SAW)! 'Uthman fasts during the day and stands for prayers at night.' In other words, she wanted to say that her husband avoided sexual relations both at night and in the daytime. The Prophet (SAW) was outraged. He did not even wait to put on his slippers. He went to Uthman's house and forced him to pray. When Usman finished his prayers and turned to the Prophet (SAW), he said: "Oh, Osman! Allah did not send me for monasticism, rather He sent me with a simple and direct [Shariah]. I fasted, I pray, and also I communicate with my wife. So, whoever loves my sunnah, then he must follow me; And marriage is one of my sunnahs. "

3. Importance of sex in marriage

In Islam, marriage is not limited to the platonic relationship between husband and wife and not just for procreation. The Islamic term for nikah marriage literally means sexual intercourse.
So, why did Islam provide extensive rules and regulations for sex? This was because Islam fully understood that sexual instincts cannot and should not be repressed. They can be regulated only for the well-being of people in this life and for their success in the future.

Sex in family life was openly recommended in the Qur'an,
"... when they [the wives] were cleansed (after menstruation), you entered into them, as Allah commanded ...' (Al-Baqarah 2: 222)

4. Marriage increases Sustenance.

The Holy Prophet (SAW) said: "Give your spouse’s your lonely because Allah makes his morality more perfect (improves it) (under the shadow of marriage) and expands their subsistence and increases their generosity (human values)."

5. Beneficial effects of married life

Various studies prove that married people remain healthy, physically and mentally. Islam has always maintained that marriage is useful to us in many ways.

Islam also considers marriage as a way to acquire spiritual perfection.
The Prophet (SAW) said: 'He who marries already has guarded half of his religion, so he must fear Allah for the other half.' How true! A person who performs his sexual motives legally will rarely be distracted by spiritual pursuits.

6. Implementing Sexual Involvement

The Holy Prophet (SAW) and the Holy Imams (AS) also encouraged their followers to marry and fulfill their sexual motives legally, as seen from the following: The Prophet (SAW) said: "Oh, you young people! I recommend that you marry. "
Imam Reza (A.S.) said: "Three things from the traditions of the Messengers of God (AS): the use of spirits, the removal of [extra] hair and visiting his wife."


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