3 Best Times For Asking Allah’s Forgiveness

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1. 3 Best Times For Asking Allah’s Forgiveness

It is human nature to make mistakes.

Adam was made from clay, and he was instilled with lusts and desires as part of his nature.

Allah also created the devils who seek to call the children of Adam to sin and lead them astray.

As a result, when people choose to be upright and virtuous, they attain the highest rank possible, above that of the angels. However, they can also fall to the point of being the lowest of the low, comparable to the devils.

It is Allah’s favor upon His servants that He is Generous, Oft-Forgiving, Most Kind, and accepts our repentance. He forgives of our sins whatever He wishes, and pardons all of our faults and transgressions if we truly repent for them and desist.

One of the greatest acts of devotion that Allah has prescribed for us is to ask Him for forgiveness. The simple act of doing so protects us from sin and its evil consequences.

Allah commands Prophet Muhammad to beseech His forgiveness many times in the Quran. For instance, He says:

Know that there is no god but Allah, and seek forgiveness for your sins. (47: 19)

Al-Mughirah ibn Shu’bah relates that the Prophet was asked why he would stand in prayer at night until his feet and ankles swelled up, when all his sins had already been forgiven. He replied:

Should I not then be a grateful servant? (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

The Prophet used to fast for so many days in a row that the people thought he would never break his fast. He used to pray from one third to over half the night, and at times almost all of the night. His whole life was a relentless, concerted act of devotion. He was constant in his supplications and constantly being tried. In spite of all that, Allah tells him:

Know that there is no god but Allah, and seek forgiveness for your sins.

And He tells him:

Seek forgiveness for your sins (O Muhammad) and glorify your Lord’s praises night and day. (40: 55)

Seek Allah’s forgiveness. Indeed, Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (4: 106)

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3 Best Times For Asking Allah’s Forgiveness

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